Six Roads

Six Roads is a turn-based game with no specific theme. It's primarily focused on multiplayer battles.

The game is in a development stage, it's free to play!

One of the game features is a moddable engine with a small set of strict rules. There is no such thing as victory/defeat/movement/action points/health/battles/building and etc, their presence is not mandatory.

My goal is to completely iron out the modding API and to provide you a convenient toolset by the time of release along with some general features and improvements. I hope the release will eventually happen, but we'll see how it goes.

Features so far

  • Local/Internet multiplayer mode
  • Basic OpenGL graphics
  • One built-in module (pack of game objects, scripts and assets) is available. It contains:
    • 1 hexagonal map for 2-3 players
    • 1 faction
    • 3 unit types
    • 6 building types
    • 2 paths to victory
    • Global Warming: map is being flooded turn by turn

Downloading the game

The game is written in Java which means that in order to launch it on your computer you have to download and install Java 8 (you can try newer versions, it will probably work too). You can download Java from here.

After installing Java, choose a version for your system, download jar file, then run it. The .jar contains both client and host server functionality (you either create your own game lobby or connect to existing one). In order to use either of the two you need to login/register. It's a simple procedure but make sure you are connected to the Internet.


If you would like to ask a question, give me your feedback or suggestions, feel free to contact me:
Telegram: @voismager
Reddit: voismager
Google Forms: link